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Human BFFs and Canine BFFs

One of the most enduring memories of the ‘90s, are the BFF products. Most women can remember buying matching BFF necklaces with their childhood besties. It was almost a rite of passage. The lucky ones are those who managed to keep the friends.

Well, what if your bestie is a dog? No offense to humans, but no one can beat a dog’s loyalty and devotion. And our feline bestie deserves the same celebration as your human bestie of years past.

While there are some things that dogs can never understand, there is something special that our dog besties add to our lives. Arthur Schopenhauer philosophized about the ways in which dogs are better than humans. The joy that they exhibit in the simple things of life. Dogs are masters of living in the moment. 

Buy Ji your Dog a Pet Necklace

Jewelry designers are now allowing you to do just that. You can get a ‘man’s best friend necklace’ for your dog to celebrate that special bond between (wo)man and feline. With a man’s best friend necklace, you are bound to spark many conversations with people who want to know more about the jewelry you are wearing – or that your dog is wearing.

Man’s best friend necklaces are way overdue if you ask us, because dogs have been our best friends for hundreds of years. It is high time they get the recognition they deserve. Even if it is just in the form of a trinket. 

If you can dedicate some cash, you can publicly celebrate your friendship with your best friend. It is a set with a pet necklace for your dog and a friendship necklace for you. 

These dog necklaces are designed to be quirky and reminiscent of nature as well as dogs. You can try a necklace and pet necklace with a dog bone as the motif. The dog bone is cut out from the collar charm and functions as a pendant on your necklace.

Of course it is possible to have one for your cat too. 

As a dog person you are already going to some lengths to show your love to your dog bestie by buying treats and toys. A pet necklace is just taking it a notch higher. Sure, dogs are not very verbal, pee in public, and shed like crazy, but a best friend is a best friend, even if it is a dog’s best friend. 

The trend of celebrating feline friendship with a dog necklace is more than welcome. If any friend deserves matching jewelry, it is definitely a dog.

It is time to show the world just how much we care about our feline friends. 

 Some dog owners are taking it another step further and purchasing matching pajamas for them and their dogs. If you already spend many hours cuddling up to your furry friends, you might as well go to sleep in matching pajamas. 

How Dogs became Man’s Best Friend

Probably the first role that dogs played for humans was a watchdog role. They alerted humans of any danger from bigger predators. In exchange, dogs got a guaranteed source of food from the scraps left over after the people had eaten. 

Humans and dogs have been companions for thousands of years – ever since prehistoric times, when dogs and men scavenged alongside each other. At first, it was all about convenience. Dogs were good for hunting and they also made excellent watchmen. Humans have found many more uses for dogs. 

They help hunters to find their prey, they help farmers to herd livestock and guard them from predators, they help blind people find their way around, they help the police and the army officers to do their job, dogs even help conservationists in Africa to save lions by guarding farmers’ livestock to keep them from hunting lions.

Today, the majority of dogs are completely domesticated. Over the last two hundred years, dogs have evolved from just being livestock to becoming life companions. This is why most people have dogs, even though they don’t necessarily need the dogs to do anything for them like guard their property. 

Why we Love Dogs

There is something unique about the relationship between (wo)man and dog. There is no other animal that humans have gotten so close to. People love dogs. At least most of them do. Some people love bigger dogs and others love smaller ones. 

Ask people to tell you why they are so attached to their dogs. They will say that it is the close bond that they enjoy with their feline pets. They might also talk about how long they have had their dog, and they might describe some of the endearing things that their dogs do to give them company, affection, loyalty, and even love. 

Dog owners get the feeling that their dogs return their love, unlike cat owners who don’t necessarily feel that way because cats don’t fall all over you like that. 

Some people think that dogs have evolved from wolves, but they actually evolved separately. And even though wolves were also domesticated by early man, dogs eventually carried the day. They proved themselves to be more worthy companions.

One of the cutest things about dogs is how excited they get about everything. Even something as innocuous as throwing a ball. When you arrive home, your dogs will give you a warmer welcome than any human ever will. When your human best friend shows up, your dog will probably give her a warmer welcome than it will you. 

When you see your dog darting its eyes between you and another person, she is trying to figure out whether that person is a friend or a foe. She wants to know if she should welcome that person or defend you from them. 

We’re not saying that dogs are better than humans, but your human bestie would probably never fight someone to protect you.

Your dog deserves to be celebrated.

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